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Sheila Mortlock


Iltutmish Pillar detail

Dyed cotton with screen and mono printing then hand stitch


Qutub Orchid

Printed linen with hand stitch


Pachisi detail

Jute, printed, embellished with dyed fabric, hand stitch


Ashoka 1

Linen, mixed media, hand stitch


Pages 1 detail

Dyed and printed cotton with hand stitch, one of a set


Work in progress

Muslin, pleated, mixed media including tissue paper, acetate, hand stitch

Artist statement

The textural qualities of stone and the marks made by the stonemasons who built the great buildings of the past are still an interest. I use stitch and print to interpret the marks found in the stones to create mostly but not exclusively wall hung pieces. Recently I have started to look at different book forms incorporating fabric and stitch. After exploring the stone marks in my local area recent work has reflected the more vibrant colours and the stone marks seen during trips to India. Several pieces have developed from visits to Qutub Minar in Delhi and Fatephur Sikri, both World Heritage sites of note.

Although I still find inspiration in stone marks I have recently been developing other related themes. The nature of cloth and its place within our lives is an enduring interest and coming from an area where the production of cloth, in this case jute, has had a profound effect on all who lived in the town it is an interest that extends to include the place of women in that specific workplace. At the height of its power Dundee was called 'she town', reflecting the supremacy of women within the workforce while their husbands were left at home looking after the youngest children. Part of what I enjoy with all projects is the historical and other research and development of an idea through sketchbooks or other means and through my teaching I try to pass on that interest.


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