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Gwen Hedley


Running Repair

10cms x 120 cms. Constructed braid, rolled onto an antique spool. Fabric, thread and paper, handstitched/woven onto soluble fabric before dissolving.


Running Repair detail



25cms x 16cms. Printed voiles handstitched with cotton threads.


Cotswold study

Preliminary study in pen and ink.


Bark Marks book

22cms x 180 cms. A stitched paper and fabric zig-zag reversible book. Cut and layered drawing and stitching based on Silver Birch bark.


Bark Marks detail

Detail of page

Artist statement

I continue with my somewhat obsessive 'collecting' from both the coastal and woodland pathways where I live. Waking sharpens my senses and enables me to see and think with greater clarity. My 'finds' include fragments of wood, stone, shell, fabric and metals, as well as a wide range of dried plant matter. Elemental processes transform structures and surfaces into new forms of beauty, that never fail to engage me.

Grayson Perry eloquently extols the virtues of organic change, when referring to the allure of naturally altered surfaces on ancient artefacts…… "their beauty not diminished, but enhanced by 1400 years" and declaring that "the unknown craftsman I most love is age".

My 'pull' towards the fundamental marks and scars upon my 'finds' still thrives - nowadays, most particularly with the simplicity of dots and dashes, lines and circles. Magnification of surface reveals hitherto imperceptible details and qualities. Apparently smooth areas may become raised or recessed, and the clean-cut becomes somewhat diffused. Subsequent drawing then develops a greater awareness of the subject matter, opening up exciting avenues for design and stitch, often using a combination of fabric and paper.

Recently, I find myself working with a more restricted colour palette, often tending towards monochrome, exploring tonal change and contrasts, working with tint and shade.

Aspects of restoration and repair often feature in my thinking and working practices – anything showing signs of wear and an unknown history just calls out to me, and begs attention!


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