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Lois Blackburn

Artist statement

In 2007 I co-set up experimental arts organisation arthur+martha. Since then my main focus has been on collaborative practice with older people, people living with dementia, homeless people, war widows. I draw upon 30 years of professional experience in exhibitions, illustration work, public and private commissions, residencies, workshops, to create work with marginalised people adapted and relevant to their needs and desires, using techniques such as book making, drawing, printing, embroidery.

Over the last 7 years, quilt making has become the centrepiece of my artwork. It’s a form that allows a deep, powerful and meaningful collaboration between myself and other participants. It’s a form that allows many skills, many hands, many stories, to come together. Because of its associations with comfort and refuge, it has been ideal for us to bring into troubled environments.

Recently my personal work has been investigating bringing together two of my favourite textile techniques, batik on silk and quilt making. I find joy in the lushness of colour produced and delight in illustrating collections of objects on fabric that surprise and gently challenge.


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