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Ruth Issett

Artist statement

My work is governed by an overriding excitement and passion for the use of colour. Working initially from the thrill of spontaneously produced colour, I have, over the years, researched and refined my expanding knowledge in the hope that I can understand more about the use of colour, what it is that makes it vibrate, and attract attention.

By restricting the processes and the materials used, I have been able to discover more areas to research and understand. I often start from totally white surfaces, a wide variety of fabrics, threads and a limited variety of papers. Time is spent researching different dye colours and the vibrancy and subtlety of those individual colours as well as the various mixtures. Further exploration of dyed colour is achieved through different intensities and dilutions. The quality of the fabric is also important, the density, transparency, surface quality and finish, let alone the actual fibre. The process and order of colouring is fascinating and leads to endless possibilities.

These fabrics and threads, and sometimes papers are then used to explore the possibilities of building multilayered stitched surfaces. Combining different dyed fabrics creates an endless palette of colourful surfaces to produce new considered work.

I enjoy the opportunity of participating in challenging exhibitions or projects such as DIS/rupt, where your working practice is given some restrictions, some specific focus and a deadline. Working to dictated goals gives an energy and a satisfaction that is inspirational.

Combining my working practice with some special teaching and tutoring sessions gives a different challenge and drive. Engaging with students with their differing levels of experience and knowledge is stimulating, and often helpful. I feel driven to understand what gives energy and enrichment to the colour schemes I create and explore. I love the research and experimentation.

The 'what if' is still very important to me and leads to exhilarating moments.


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