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Jean Draper


Three Pods

Hand stitched forms with coiling and curled bracts. Japanese hand spun hemp, cord and vintage millinery stamens.


Seed Pod

Decorative basket form with tendrils. Hand stitching with Japanese paper thread, cord and vintage millinery stamens.


Emerging detail

Whole piece 40 x 40 cm. Bound fabric, synthetic sinew, hemp, hand made paper, clay and paint.


Dried Cactus Form

Bound fabric, synthetic sinew, Japanese hand spun hemp on padded inner form.


Book Form

Textile structure hand stitched on sticks with added paper pulp.


Afterwards detail

Artist statement

Although sometimes using the sewing machine, I mostly stitch by hand as it feels natural, but never commonplace, to have a needle and thread in my hand. The rhythm of the repetitive stitch - the gesture - is a very important aspect in the making of my work. My stitching is a form of drawing, an intensely physical activity; the actual process being as meaningful as the finished work.

Beginning with research, content of my work, both 2D and 3D, has been derived from studying extreme, arid, rocky landscapes in both the UK and in other familiar places, especially the American SW and Western Australia. I am interested in how land is shaped by time and natural elements and is also affected by the generations of people who have lived, worked and left their marks upon it.

Plants, such as cacti, that survive desert fires and regrow under such harsh conditions are also inspirational and I have used these forms as starting points for various work. The small sculptural and basket forms reflect the material culture of the indigenous people of the area.

Sometimes I colour fabrics with earth from inspirational places. After stitching, I often treat work with clay slip, paint and sandpaper, emulating wear and erosion, creating in the piece its own history.


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