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Janet Edmonds






Fissure detail


Folded Stones


Lacy Stone


Stone with White Line

Artist statement

The geology of Britain's coastline has long been an inspiration for textile work reflecting my early years living by the sea. She is fascinated by the rhythms of sea and weather, which over time, creates imperceptible changes to the structure of coast, rocks, stones, and sand.

Janet's colour palette is generated through the infinite subtlety of tone, texture and light of the natural environment and this influences choices of fabric, thread and technique.

Drawing is an important part of her practice: observing and recording colour, form and surface is crucial to the development of ideas and is a valuable source of inspiration informing the making of objects.

Process is bound closely to ideas: the ceaseless round of tides bound to intervals of time are linked to the rhythm of stitching and the contemplative repetition of wrapping and stitching cloth. Every movement changes the last minutely, often only apparent with the passage of time.

Natural fibres are used to create works usually in three dimensions, continuing an exploration of form that has endured for many years. Works may be made by hand or machine and the challenge of creating a fabric that stiffens and supports itself is always satisfying.


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