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Sarah Burgess


Acknowledging the Possibility of Loss.

Installation 175 x 220 x 10cms approx. The haptic growth of the vine tendril senses the space around, clinging on to itself and others, binding and supporting.


Acknowledging the Possibility of Loss, installation detail

Woollen thread, ceramic, wood, metal. Pruning rejuvenates; stimulating growth, sending a new shoot in a new direction.


Crux 1

19 x 19 x 7cms. Cotton thread, paper, ceramic, wood. Fragile yet tenacious, meticulous binding highlights growth and may speak of repair, celebrating and protecting life.


Erasing Time

88 x 62 cms. Paper and thread. Original mono-print stitched collage.


Glancing Light

44 x 37 cms. Original mono-print stitched paper collage with silk fabric and thread.



Mono-printed cotton organdie, found shards, gold leaf, gold thread and black cotton thread.

Artist statement

I enjoy a freelance life after teaching art, design and textiles in further and higher education. Following more recent MA studies at Manchester School of Art, my work explored the accidental incidents that disrupt the smooth order and predictability of everyday life. Dementia and memory loss have been important themes, linked to the finding of pot shards from old hydropathic institutions. The shards and their emergence from the earth are important evidence of lives lived and points of change.

Drawing is important to my practice, allowing space for thought and investigation of subject matter. Using print, ink and graphite, the exploratory drawn mark develops its own voice and may also incorporate text, both readable and unreadable. Work with landscape and mono-print on paper and fabric brought a return to colour with complex printed surfaces layered with marks of stitch, colour sometimes veiled by time or weather.

I am excited by the qualities of materials, including fabric but also ceramic, glass, wood, metal or feathers; materials strongly contrasting in weight and character and used for their expressive properties whilst open structured work may explore perceptions of fragility.

Previous exhibition work explored gloves and working hands in collaboration with several museums for G'love Stories, a solo touring exhibition. Tracing older glove makers, I incorporated their stories as well as artefacts from the glove industry.

Working with tutor groups in Sheffield and Derbyshire and teaching freelance workshops and summer schools feeds my own creativity and I find building creative partnerships particularly rewarding, with a growing interest in the curatorial process. I enjoy working with architects and clients and have completed several church and domestic commissions for both textiles and stained glass, including an innovative glass which retains the image of textile structures.


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