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Ruth Issett – A Creative Dialogue Through Writing Books with anyone who looks at them

Why do I write books?

For many years I have taught in colleges, mainly adults, and demonstrated art and textile materials and techniques at international shows. The questions I have been asked have spurred me on to write, explain and to hopefully visually stimulate individuals. I have wanted to fill in the gaps in people’s knowledge – to help to encourage and inform them with their personal creative journey.
books written by Ruth

Who am I aiming it at?

For those who are keen to have a go and try to express themselves visually. Through writing books I try to explain processes, techniques and materials used to create textiles – printed, dyed or stitched or work using paper.

How do I do it?

I use simple but good materials – undyed fabrics- cottons, viscose, linen and silks

I work with a wide variety of papers initially uncoloured.

By using dyes and printing media to explore colour, pattern and surface texture, I develop ideas, designs and larger pieces of textile work.

I use painting, printing, drawing, stitching in many combinations to visually communicate ideas, images or even just exploring the ‘what if’!

I love the excitement of combining different liquid media together in work, to build the intensity of the colour and to feel the vibrancy of the colour resonate.

What am I saying?

I am having a creative dialogue with so many people, some I meet, others I never will, some will attend workshops, others will participate in courses with me across the world. Most of all I want them to share and experience the joy that comes from working with various techniques and media, of exploring colour on a host of different surfaces.

work by Ruth Issett in Creative Dialogues

detail of work by Ruth Issett in Creative Dialogues

Ultimately visually colour feeds the soul, it is good to enjoy it and it does not make you fat!

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