Creative Dialogues

An exhibition from the Practical Study Group (now Textile Study Group)

2008 – 2009, Halifax, Walsall, Taunton and Peebles

Friendship, collaboration, support, communication, inspiration and sharing – these are just some of the words that members of the Practical Study Group have used to describe the significance of their partnerships in this innovative exhibition.

In the show the PSG attempted to demonstrate visually the real value of creative dialogue. Some recorded their educational experiences, or the benefits of working alongside an artist who is using a medium which is completely different from textiles. Others showed how cultural and geographical boundaries can be crossed and new skills mastered through a variety of friendships.

In recent years the technology of emall has allowed for communication between artists with great frequency and across impossible distances. Improved printing and photography has also increased the effectiveness of communicating through books and magazines. The PSG illustrated, in several instances, the use of these new ways of learning.

Each member of the PSG exhibited a piece of their own current work. This was shown alongside that of their collaborators in a number of very different ways.

The contexts may be different but they all illustrated the importance of working together, colleague with colleague, a group with their tutor, artist with friend, mother with daughter.

Above all the PSG hope this exhibition demonstrates how education – in its widest sense – is always a two way process and that creative dialogue can literally change lives.

As you study this exhibition we hope you will enjoy the great variety of creative dialogues illustrated and maybe even identify personally with some, recalling significant dialogues from your own life.

Alison King – PSG exhibition coordinator