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Bobby Britnell

Bobby Britnell

In September 2007 I gave up my work at a local Craft College where I had taught for 12 years to start teaching courses from my studio in South Shropshire. The first group that booked were invited to work with me on this exciting collaboration. The work I was offering would reflect new approaches to teaching, which would in turn require the support of a dedicated group. The two-way working process adopted, built on mutual trust and respect, has been particularly necessary in enabling us all to stretch ourselves creatively, within the disciplines of our own craft.

Initial exercises required us all to compile a storyboard comprising of finished pieces, work in progress, inspiration sources, sketchbook pages etc. These boards were then scrutinised, disseminated and critiqued by the group to help identify the common links in each individuals work. The boards were then reassembled, using two or three key words to help distil and define a clearer direction and focus.

work by Bobby Britnell in Creative Dialogues

My piece of work builds on my interest in the ‘expressive mark’ that I use in my drawings and coupled with the use of a limited colour palette, became my main focuses. These were used in conjunction with my current working practise of printing, drawing and stitching onto cotton fabric.

The Collaborators

work by Bobby Britnell

Our relationship with Bobby has in the past been that of tutor/student though for this project we have adopted a new way of working in small groups and changing partnerships, with Bobby playing a parallel role in the creative dialogue which has been taking place. This method of working has fostered a sense of equality and cohesion within the group, whilst still allowing each member to maintain their individuality.

Looking critically at the work of others gives a clearer, more focussed insight into one’s own work. The exchange of ideas, suggestions of solutions to problems encountered, encouragement and mutual support are all fostered in this method of working. The sharing of ideas makes for a non threatening way of critiquing work and helps build mutual trust and respect in the group.

Each of us have been following our own individual themes of work, mainly continuations and extensions of our most current ideas and working methods. These themes have been moved forward by responding to thought provoking tasks and new lines of inquiring that Bobby has set for us. Individual dialogues and presentations, group discussions, personal plans and tutorials have all played their part in this creative process.

work by Ann Brown in Creative Dialogues
Ann Brown

work by Sue Daborn in Creative Dialogues
Sue Daborn

work by Margaret Guy in Creative Dialogues
Margaret Guy

work by Julie Watkins in Creative Dialogues
Julie Watkins

work by Mary Williams in Creative Dialogues
Mary Williams

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