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Jean Draper trained at Stafford College of Art and London University Institute of Education. Ken Jones trained at Cardiff College of Art. They first met in 1967 when they were appointed as tutors at West Midlands College of Education, which later became part of Wolverhampton University. Both have taught and exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. They have lived together for the last twenty years.

Ken Jones usually works in hand built or thrown stoneware, the decoration and the colour of his glaze reflecting the landscape of his native South Wales. His shapes are often derived from the study of natural forms, e.g. thorns and seed heads. Axe heads, tools and other man made implements also inform his work.

Ken's current work
Jean Draper’s work has gradually become three dimensional and is based on the land, in particular the eroded rock formations found in the American SW. She is also interested in the ritual and the material evidence left by early man in the landscape.
Jean's current work

Previous exhibitions together, with separate work by each artist, have been successful; the two disciplines complementing each other. However, this experimental work for Creative Dialogues is the first serious attempt to combine the two disciplines in a series of integrated pieces in which ceramic and textile forms are interrelated.

Whilst the aim was to make totally new work, both artists wanted something of their own personal style and personality to come through in the combined pieces. Discussion and argument concerning the kind of forms that might work together, followed by drawing, was the starting point. It was found necessary to severely edit the many ideas that emerged. The word “Enclosed” was chosen as a focus and several simple forms evolved and were agreed.

Practical considerations dictated the working method. Because of the complexities of the materials and processes involved, it was decided that the agreed ceramic shape should be made first and then the textile form integrated with it. This resulted in a close working relationship with both makers participating in the development of each piece.
work by Jean Draper and Ken Jones in Creative Dialogues

Both artists agree that these experiments demonstrate potential for future work.

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