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Ros Bendall, Sarah Chandler, Sue Davies, Ann Hampton, Daphne Marklow, Debbie Page, Irene Perry, Caroline Watson, Jill Whitehouse and Anne Woolfrey have been coming to classes in my studio for many years. Some members of the group have City and Guilds qualifications, others H. N.C. or both, and some are beginners, but they are all united by their love of embroidery and textiles. They are keen and enthusiastic and we have relaxed,informal sessions. Each term we explore a fresh theme or technique.

at work in the studio

The work for this exhibition developed after a class visit to a local church at Highnam near Gloucester. The church of The Holy Innocents was founded by Thomas Gambier Parry in memory of his wife Isabella and three of his six children who died as infants.

Colour and ornate richness of pattern are what strike you instantly as you enter the church. The wall paintings are as fresh as if painted yesterday but were in fact carried out by Parry using a spirit fresco technique which he invented. The craftsmanship throughout the building is of exceptional quality.

design development

During the following term and inspired by our visit, all members of the class designed and embroidered a textile piece based on the colours and patterns found in the church (these have since been on show at Highnam during the Three Choirs Festival 2007). However, it was during the design process for this work that ink and pencil drawings and black and white photocopies on the studio table suggested possibilities for a very different treatment of the subject. The class agreed to work for a further term exploring these tonal qualities in a colour scheme of black, grey, cream and white plus one metallic of silver or gold.

work by the Springfield Class in Creative Dialogues

Tonal Contemplation

work by Jan Evans in Creative Dialogues
My own piece of work reflects the love I have for local and historical influences, symbolism and the textural qualities associated with age, time passing and weathering. I live in an area close to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire with a history of iron ore and coal mining, charcoal burning and the extraction of coloured iron oxides. This directly inspires my work and I enjoy experimenting with the mined colours on paper and cloth.

Jan Evans at her machine

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