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Ann Wheeler

Artist statement

I am a freelance tutor and exhibiting artist and taught City and Guilds embroidery at Fareham College, Hampshire, for many years. I worked for over 20 years as National Advisor and External Verifier for the City and Guilds Creative Studies. I am a member of the Textile Study Group and the Westhope Group and have exhibited both at home and abroad.

I have had an obsession to create for most of my life. I enjoy the opportunity of working with local amateur groups on community stitch projects, sharing my love of art and textiles with them.

My own work is very process lead. I like the feel and reaction of different materials as I work. The act of drawing and recording ideas in sketchbooks, of nature, the countryside and using historical research, leads to sampling and development. The research and planning, influence how I resolve my final work and is an important part of every experience.

I enjoy the challenge of working with fabric and thread, either by hand or machine and the research needed to produce a design. My other great love is lacemaking and trying to get the historical technique acknowledged in a modern context. It certainly doesn’t have to be worked with fine threads on a small scale. The use of a larger scale and a variety of thicker and challenging threads can be exciting to explore and needs a willingness to sometimes compromise.


    • Member since 1996
    • Available for courses, commissions, articles, book reviews, exhibition reviews

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