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Siân Martin

Summer School 2013: Breaking Boundaries

Bringing Together

The magic of transforming the commonplace into a treasure is a delightfully satisfying way to create a new textile. You might have already been fascinated by the decorative qualities in a heap of old newspapers or a pile of unironed shirts!

This innovative workshop will enable students to take a fresh look at a variety of everyday throw-away objects and to discover the rhythm and pattern qualities that can convert them into decorative assembled textiles pieces.

Machine stitching, hand lacing and soluble materials will be used to link these fragments, using stitch to link and decorate the fragments. Challenge your idea of how to create a series of innovative textile surfaces from non-traditional materials! You will test several different ways of assembling and make a series of exploratory studies to create an embellished textile from your own magic wand.


Siân Martin is an exhibiting member of the 62 Group and has been involved in making stitched textiles since graduating. Her textiles currently involve stitched and linked paper fragments. Siân has taught art and textiles to all ages and is director of Distant Stitch.