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Ann Wheeler

Summer School 2013: Breaking Boundaries

Structure and Spaces

There are many structures both in nature and manmade that can be described as ‘lacelike’. Plant material, skeletonised leaves, branches, lichens and many more examples from the natural world as well as grids, meshes, fencing, scaffolding, and of course lace itself, can all inspire exciting ideas.

We shall use examples of these as starting points to investigate ideas in drawing and mixed media where holes are as important as the ‘fabric’ created. Having produced a range of developed ideas these can then be used to explore lace like fabrics of differing scales. These can be created with paper or fabrics and stitch, as well as some simple traditional lacemaking techniques used creatively. There will be opportunities to discuss and explore ideas individually as the week progresses.

Be prepared to experiment and question the use of traditional materials.


Ann Wheeler is a free-lance teacher having taught in adult education for over 20 years. She enjoys the process of recording ideas in sketchbooks that can be developed using innovative materials. The exploration of the surface qualities of paper when manipulated and stitched continues to inspire.