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Dorothy Tucker

Summer School 2013: Breaking Boundaries

Over the Edge

We will begin by layering and combining fabrics and papers, and working into and over the edges of shapes and spaces with colour and hand stitching. As we define shapes, adjust outlines, place accent points and build textures, a variety of subtle and exciting mixed media samples will begin to evolve.

Informed by your own sources of inspiration and Kantha – the embroidered quilts from Bengal – and some contemporary examples, we will then assemble and develop selected samples into personal textile pieces.

Come to enjoy combining together the material qualities of paper, fabric and thread, and to allow the process of working in this way to lead you into creating lovely textile pieces to handle.


Dorothy Tucker has travelled to India. She exhibits her work with the Textile Study Group and with PRISM. She has a particular interest in Kantha, the embroidered quilts from Bengal. She gives talks and workshops, and devises creative textile projects for community groups with Shared Heritage.