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Not What it Seams – Jenny Bullen and Alison King

Quilt Lines [62 x 44 cms] Jenny Bullen
Where have all my troubles gone? [Doll sizes range from 35 – 90 cms] Alison King

Quilt Lines Stitched in response to a series of drawings and studies of old patchwork quilts, in particular the marks made by the quilting lines and the deterioration of the surface fabrics. Jenny also uses the surrounding landscape and walks around the shore and downlands near her home as inspiration, noting marks in the earth, the changing patterns of trees and hedges.

Where have all my troubles gone? On the same day that I made drawings from the beautiful collection of Chinese dolls at Bankfield Museum, I came across a bag of ‘Worry Dolls’ in the museum gift shop. I immediately envisaged small oriental figures escaping from a bag and flying away with all one’s worries.

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