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Traces of Life

The Textile Study Group, UK and artists from Textil 13, Sweden crossed boundaries in this inspirational exhibition at the Dalarnas Museum, Falun, Sweden, from 13 June – 13 September 2015.

TRACES OF LIFE gave the artists the opportunity to research into themes relating to past and present, family or social history, nature, things made or left by man, etc. The work drew attention to the ways in which needle, thread, and conventional and non-conventional materials can be explored and used creatively today.

The aim of this exhibition was to raise the profile of embroidery as a creative contemporary art form in Sweden. Textil 13 is a group of ten textile artists who live in different parts of Sweden and meet together for residential courses.


Three members of the Textile Study Group, Alison King, Shelley Rhodes and Ruth Issett, also taught workshops in Saterglantan.