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The members of Textile Study Group prepared a major exhibition project in 2017-2018, with associated workshops, gallery events and a publication, under the title Dis/rupt. Curated by Dr. Melanie Miller, Dis/rupt was first shown at Museum in the Park and Landsdown Hall in Stroud as part of the Select Festival 2017 presented by SIT select. The exhibition toured to Gallery Oldham, Minerva Arts Centre Gallery, Llanidloes and Tweeddale Museum & Art Gallery, Peebles.

Dis/rupt was the result of a series of workshops and discussions between the members of the TSG with curators and artists such as Professor Lesley Millar, Caroline Bartlett and Dr. Melanie Miller. Disruption is something that affects everyone on all sorts of levels. Dr. Melanie Miller comments:

“We live in an uncertain world. The only certainty now seems to be uncertainty. Life is full of disruption on personal, political, local and global scales. Whilst the effects of disruption can be problematic, disruption can have a positive outcome: it can force change, it can lead to greater understanding as well as previously un-thought of opportunities.”

The group explored several main themes, including global conflict, with the concomitant problems of migration and the refugee crisis; climate change and ecological disruption; conflict within domestic relationships; and disruption within traditional fabric making processes. Members produced individual responses to their selected theme through the influence of stitched textiles, but not exclusively with fabric and thread.

SIT select also held a symposium Disrupting Tradition: New Textile Languages linked to the Dis/rupt project and focusing on the theme of disrupting tradition. This event featured contributions from Melanie Miller, Alice Kettle, June Hill and Michelle Stephens.

The Select Festival ran from 29th April to 28th May 2017, with a programme of linked workshops and events providing opportunities for participation, learning and discussion.

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