2021 Summer School – Seeing Through Layers

After a period of uncertainty, the annual residential Summer School was able to take place at Hillscourt in Birmingham. The opportunity to meet old friends, make new friends was enjoyed by all. It felt a bit surreal for some who had not met up or been in contact with anyone for nearly two years. Yet everyone soon settled in and it felt like old times. There were a few changes to how Hillscourt managed the weekend, but nothing that got in the way of having a thoroughly wonderful time. With the bonus of the warm weather, people were able to enjoy the beautiful grounds. The excitement and buzz in each of the studios created an inspiring and creative atmosphere.

We will also share details about next year’s summer school at the end of this post, so make sure you read to the end.

Tutors on this year’s summer school were Sarah Burgess, Sheila Mortlock and Amarjeet Nandhra, who developed three exciting new courses around the theme of layers. There was such a wonderful selection of work produced during the four days, below we have shared a few images of the work in progress. Enjoy!

Sarah Burgess – Shadows and Reflections

Sarah’s group explored fleeting images, reflections and constantly shifting shadows are their starting points. Working with the student’s imagery; such as plant and tree forms, reflections and shadows on water or man-made structures. These explorations created a range of wonderfully evocative paper and fabric experiments.

Sheila Mortlock – Building Layers

Sheila’s group conquered the intimidating blank pages of a new sketchbook. The workshop encouraged students to develop ideas using their starting points. Through various exercises the group changed the surface quality of a pristine page, adding layers, colour and marks. Each student producing wonderfully exciting sketchbooks brimming with ideas for future work.

Amarjeet Nandhra – Imperfect Layers

Amarjeet’s group developed ideas from close up detailed observations. Drawing inspiration from the immediate environment, students explored marks, textures and patterns. Techniques involved cutting, obscuring, ghost images and overprinting to build up layers and depth in the prints. Reworking the paper and fabric using collage, creating colourful and exciting collages

Next year’s Summer School

Title: Making A Point

Dates: 18 – 21 July 2022.

Tutors: Bobby Britnell, Mary Sleigh and Jan Miller. Please note we reserve the right to change tutors.

Bookings: will go live on 10th September 2021

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