INSIGHTS Exhibition at the Festival of Quilts

It was such a joy to see the INSIGHTS project on display at the Festival of Quilts. Initially, to be shown in 2020, but as with many events the show was cancelled. The idea behind the exhibition and book was for each member to create new work and record their processes. The book documents each artist’s creative process, from the starting point to the completion of the work. All members represented in the book, share their varied approaches to artistic practice: where ideas come from; how they develop and make work; where they work. The exhibition displayed the related work, either finished pieces or samples. The variety of responses featured reflect the rich diversity of textile art practice within the group.

Unsure when the work would be displayed, we endeavoured to keep the interest alive by sharing on various social media platforms. Yet to finally have the opportunity to display the work and interact with everyone face to face was an amazing feeling.

The FoQ and the NEC organisers made the visit as safe as possible, with enhanced safety measures in place. There was a steady stream of visitors to our gallery for most of each day, tailing off in the late afternoons. It never felt too busy and mask-wearing was the norm. The show had a reduced number of exhibits but spread out over a larger space and with fewer visitors. People generally said they felt very comfortable.

The exhibition was well received. We had some lovely feedback from visitors and many very positive comments about how well the exhibition hung together, flowed and worked, considering the number of artists work on display. We are very grateful for June Hill’s careful planning and thoughtful placing of works in the gallery, creating a cohesive and strong exhibition.

Comments from visitors :

”Stimulating, thought-provoking – very enjoyable”

“Brilliant exhibition of inspiring work – I loved it and found it exceptional”

“Best part of the show!”

“Absolute highlight of the show! Ideas, inspiration, thought-provoking and so much more. Thank you.”

In 2020, we were going to launch our INSIGHT publication at the Festival of Quilts, sadly that did not happen. We did, however, have the book available for sale this time, generating lots of interest and sales. If you haven’t managed to secure your copy yet, click the link, it will take you to our shop.

A big thank you to all those involved in this project. The exhibition was curated by June Hill, the accompanying publication was edited by June Hill and Dr Melanie Miller, with essay contributions from Jane McKeating, Polly Binns and Claire Barber. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that came to visit the show and for your continued support. Not forgetting the mammoth effort from the Textile Study Group members who organised this whole project, those who came to help hang the exhibition, steward and takedown. It is an honour to belong to such a strong and professional contemporary textile group.

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