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Kay Greenlees

Summer School 2017: Beyond the Line – Seeing and Stitching

Seeing Through Stitch

In this workshop we will explore mark making through hand stitching. We will begin by exploring and describing natural form using expressive marks on paper and then challenge ourselves to use mark and stitch to interpret and record the same objects on cloth.

So that we can focus on texture, mark and stitch we will work in a limited colour range; natural forms will suggest the colour.

We will try to use a wider range of stitches than we normally adopt as our signature method. We will also use fabric manipulation and possibly cut, piece, and reassemble the work. You will have a collection of sketch pages and one (or more) fabric/stitch lengths that will provide useful ideas that can be applied to future design and stitch work. Presentational methods will be discussed but it is not expected that we will complete this stage during the workshop.


Kay Greenlees had considerable experience in teaching before moving into Higher Education in 1990. She is a design historian and has been Chair of the Textile Society. She exhibits internationally and has written Creating Sketchbooks. She volunteers with the NAEA researching and advising on textile aspects of the archive collections.

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