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Ruth Issett

Summer School 2012: Alchemy: Media, Materials, Ideas

The Puzzle of Colour

How do you address the use of colour in your work? Do you know how to make colour work for you? Do you use it to express emotions or to express visual imagery? So many questions, so much to sort out! This course is designed to help address and explore these questions. Colour is fascinating and, for many, challenging. Using colour in a variety of different ways on paper, fabric and with stitch, we will investigate how it is affected by different materials, surfaces and processes. We will work through a series of experimental investigations, gradually creating a collection of colourful nuggets. From these nuggets we will build, adapt and rearrange compositions. Working as a group and independently, we will take the opportunity to investigate colour applications, combinations and compositions which are boundless. Participants will be able to investigate new, undiscovered territory, develop a personal confidence and expression for future work.


Ruth Issett has always worked with textiles, especially using print, dyeing and stitch. She has a passion for the use of colour on both fabric and paper. She especially enjoys sharing these techniques and different possibilities with enthusiastic students.