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Siân Martin

Summer School 2019: Change Matters

Changing Your Way of Thinking

By accident or design?

This workshop will encourage you to be surprised and to take risks by responding to fresh ideas.

You can relax and allow yourself to follow your intuition and focus on the materials in your hands, rather than on a prescribed theme or a visual starting point.

You will explore different ways of being creative to refresh your ways of working. This may involve trying new methods such as working backwards and upside down.

You will be able to develop your curiosity and sense of fun in exercises with papers, fabrics and stitch by starting from a different view point.


Siân experiments with new materials and fresh combinations in her textiles and enjoys passing this adventurous approach on to students. She teaches and delivers workshops, mentors a masterclass, ‘Stitch Textile Artists’, and tutors students online – www.distantstitch.co.uk.

She exhibits with the TSG, the 62 Group and as an individual.