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Janet Edmonds

Summer School 2019: Change Matters

Change the Surface: Add/Subtract

Close observation of the patination on old, disintegrating surfaces will be the inspiration for this workshop. The act of selecting textures that are changed by the ravages of weather and time, such as crumbling stonework, peeling paint, dry plaster and decaying wood, of looking, considering and recording their details, will result in intensely worked surfaces
on paper and fabric.

By adding various media including hand stitch and subtracting by scraping, scratching, sanding, incising and cutting, earlier applications of paint and marking will be bitten and eroded away.

Surfaces will be further changed by cutting, folding, rolling and manipulation to give dimension and form, providing ideas to inspire and develop future work.


Janet’s work is mainly three dimensional and inspired by the geology of Britain’s coastline.

Her practice involves experimenting with surface and structure using hand and machine stitching. She is author of four books and in 2016 was the recipient of the C & G medal for Excellence and the Broderers’ Prize.