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Siân is an inspiring speaker, whether at small Branch meetings, at regional, national or international events. Siân can supply her own laptop and data projector. Each lasts between 1 and 1 ½ hours or as requested. Please select from these topics.

Stitching in the Air

EmptyNest4My definition of stitch is a broad one that encompasses wrapping, threading, binding and looping as well as conventional stitch. I enjoy using thread (and anything else that could be a thread) as a three-dimensional journey, rather than as something that only appears on a surface.

I love the idea of thinking of the whole route taken by a stitch as it winds its way in and out of a surface, worming its way in a three-dimensional dance. So this might explain why I like to work ‘in the air’, as it were, suspending my stitch by using threads such as wires, canes, willow and machine stitching in voids.


Stitch Connections

woman working

What made you start to stitch? What continues to inspire and inform you? An embroiderer’s connection with her past, her future and the contemporary world.



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