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articles and reviews


Read about Siân Martin in an interview on this link

Celebrity Artist Interview Workshop on the Web June 2006

book inclusions

‘DIS/rupt’ by the Textile Study Group ISBN 978-0-9927051-3-8

‘Textile Landscape’ (Batsford) by Cas Holmes’3D Mixed Media Textile Art’

An on-line book that features a section on Siân Martin using this link

‘Approaches to Stitch’ 2013 ed Maggie Grey ISBN 978-0-9574413-1-6

‘Radical Thread’ 1962-2012 The 62 Group Celebrates. ISBN 978-0-9571242-0-2

Textile Aspects’ by the 62 Group

Creating Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists’ by Kay Greenlees

From Image to Stitch’ by Maggie Grey ‘

Inspiration to Stitch’ by Bailey Curtis 2003

Fibre Visions’ by Fibre.Art.Wales. 2002

African Inspirations in Embroidery’ by Mary Sleigh 2004

Constance Howard’s ‘20th century Embroidery in GB from 1978’

Starting to Stitch’ (Batsford) edited by Val Campbell-Harding

Contemporary British Textile Art by the 62 Group

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