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Shelley Rhodes noticeboard: lectures

Illustrated talks/lectures

‘Creative Journeys’

 The presentation focuses on three areas:

1 my personal creative journey i.e. my background in art, design, teaching and embroidery.

2 I will show how my work follows a creative journey from an initial idea, through sketches, photographs, experimental pieces and samples, through to a finished piece.

3 I will share my visual journals and sketchbooks to show some examples of how I record a journey or holiday.


 ‘Travels with a Sketchbook’

 The talk focuses on my use of sketchbooks, particularly when I go travelling. I will talk about the materials and equipment I take and how I prepare in advance.

I will show lots of images of the type of work that I produce while travelling and discuss the methods used.

I will then discuss how I use the sketches in my work when I get home, which will demonstrate design development from initial idea to finished piece of work.


‘Concept to Completion’

 This talk shows how I take an initial idea or concept through to hanging finished work in an exhibition.

I will demonstrate how I develop ideas and thoroughly investigate the subject through drawing, collage, print and photography. Also, I will show how I experiment with materials, processes and techniques, always taking the ‘what if’ approach.

You will see how I create samples, record ideas, develop designs and work towards the finished pieces.

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