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Much of my teaching and mentoring is with established groups and individuals. My courses relate to design and idea development, often using print and collage.

A few examples – but get in touch if you would like to discuss an idea.


Travelling through landscape we absorb colour, shape, line and mark both consciously and unconsciously. The ancient and the contemporary; the country and the city, they collide and overlap in our imaginations.
Using your own landscape source material as the starting point for a series of mono-print sketches we will build accidental and intentional printed marks on experimental surfaces.
Working with stitch and mark-making we will move between fabric and paper to explore the design potential of a range of techniques including several types of mono-print.

START WITH A STITCH – and see where it can take you.

Working with your selected stitch and a range of mixed media approaches, we will develop a series of prints and designs on paper and fabric and explore your ideas through stitched samples and test pieces using a variety of experimental stitch methods and techniques.

MAKING YOUR MARK – experimental drawing

Build your confidence and enjoy mark making and free drawing using a wide range of media and approaches. Produce a range of samples and connected ideas, appreciating line, texture and mark. If time allows begin the process of developing into stitch. Suitable for beginners and more experienced students.

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