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As the Rivers Run


As the Rivers Run, Newburgh Gallery

A lecture based on the experience of a joint exhibition with Alison King where the landscape of the banks of the River Tay and the River Gairn were the main reference

Moving On


a gift from Molly: a detail stitched drawing with collage

A follow up lecture from ‘As the Rivers’ Run’ which explores the development of a body of work and how it comes about.

‘Showing Off!’: The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Mounting an Exhibition

Scottish textile artists Rosemary Campbell and Alison King, having shown in group exhibitions over many years such as the EG’s Stitched Textiles, the Textile Study Group and edge-scottish textile artists, decided the time was right for a two woman show that would tour Scotland. In the build up, during and after the exhibition there were many exciting, rewarding and frustrating moments! In this lecture I share our experiences.

‘A Personal Approach’

This lecture is based on a retrospective look at my body of work and how it has been influenced and developed.

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