Summer School 2024

Summer School 2024

Hillscourt Hotel, Rose Hill, Rednal, Birmingham, B45 8RS
Monday 15 – Thursday 18 July 2024

Each July we run a Summer School led by a rotating trio of tutors from our membership.

This year our Summer School theme is ‘Travelling Lines’ with tutors Jane McKeating , Polly Pollock and Dorothy Tucker.

There are still a few places available on Polly’s exciting course: Shape, Form, Basket. Polly has been making and teaching basketry for many years. Her long basketry journey began with an interest in textiles, her work having gone through many transitions. For the past 15 years Polly has worked increasingly with paper, exploring more personal themes, most recently in her work ‘Kitchen Drawer: Emergency Home Repairs” for the TSG Making:50 exhibition. 

Polly Pollock. Making:50 stitched and woven structures.

Shape, form, basket:

Lines joined up form shapes. Shape and lines intersecting in space create form. Form becomes basket.

After considering the qualities of lines through drawing and mark-making, you will explore how materials can represent these. Baskets are created by linear materials interweaving. You will experiment with materials, colour, scale, density, surface, stitch… Your work might be materials/technique led, or informed by a more personal theme, like tracing the steps of a familiar walk.

Basketry is a slow and meditative craft, allowing time for contemplation and experimentation; it is rooted in ancient traditions, with enormous potential for experimentation and innovation. You may focus on a single piece, or a small collection of exploratory samples to develop further in your own time.

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