Introducing Vivienne Beaumont

Introducing Vivienne Beaumont

Introducing Vivienne Beaumont as our most recent Textile Study Group member.

Vivienne originally studied Fine Art and has been an art teacher for a long time. She became increasingly interested in textiles, thanks to courses at Westhope College in Shropshire, which led to her being awarded a medal of excellence from City and Guilds. In 2019 she retired from teaching to do an MA at Hereford College of Art and she haven’t looked back since.

Vivienne found her artistic identity using symbolism, cloth and thread. The ephemerality and cyclical nature of life is at the core of her textile practice. she uses archetypal imagery to convey collective emotions, referencing the figurative, the mythological, nature, and the theme of transformation. Harvest, seeds and pomegranates represent both life force and loss. She likes to explore the commonality between us and also the cultural collective memory. She uses machine embroidery and print to tell personal and universal stories.

Drawing and design are key to Vivienne’s practice. She always starts with a drawing, which is often develop with Photoshop. She transfers her designs onto fabric with printing methods and enjoys the serendipity and creativity that occurs when handling the cloth.

Vivienne is also a member of the exhibiting Textile group Prism and The Society of Designer Craftsmen. She regularly exhibits at Spencer House Gallery in Tetbury.

Image that appears to be Little Red Riding Hood, surrounded by trees, with a Wolf standing next to her. To the right are images of scissors and cotton reels. The artwork is created in fabric and stitch.
The Edge of the Wood, Vivienne Beaumont

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