Artist workshop with Sheila Mortlock,

Artist workshop with Sheila Mortlock,

Running throughout April to July at the Peebles Library and Museum, we are celebrating Making:50 with opportunities for you to meet some of the artists and join in artist led workshops.

Date: Saturday 17th June, 10am to 3.00pm

Printed Layers

In Sheila Mortlock’s workshop you will use simple print techniques to produce a textural surface that can be used for many projects. Layers of colour and texture create exciting surfaces for work with depth and this workshop shows how it can be achieved with a minimum of equipment.

Price £45.00

To book call the Museum & Gallery on: 01721 726333 or email 

Please bring

  • One photograph for a source of inspiration and colour scheme. This could be an image of a landscape or a garden, flowers, old walls, whatever appeals to you as a colour scheme and gives you a rich source of texture.
  • If you have acrylic or fabric paints bring some that reflect the colour scheme in your chosen photograph
  • An old 1” brush, a small bit of sponge
  • A roller if you have one, although I will bring some
  • Textural surfaces – bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, old lace, relief surfaces, etc
  • A polythene bag to take your fabric home 

Cost of kit: Sheila will have the base fabric, rollers and print surfaces, acrylic paint and fabric medium for which she will make a charge of £5. 

Meet the Artist

On Saturday 8th July, between 1pm and 3pm, Sheila will be in the gallery and available to answer your questions about her exhibit.

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