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Rosemary Campbell


Here and There

50 x 20cms. Applique, mono printing, hand stitching


There and Then

80 x 60cms. Combining traditional techniques with mixed media


There and Then detail

Reverse applique, couched metal thread, applied time pieces


There and Then detail

Collage, photography, couched metal thread


Follow my Leader

50 x 20cms. Collage, applique, couched thread


The Senate and The People of Rome

50 x 20cms. Collage, applied time pieces, couched metal thread

Artist statement

I was born and brought up on the banks of the Tay in the East of Scotland and for a long time this river landscape with its reflection, beautiful light and family connections were the inspiration for my work. Recently however, it is a visit to Rome that has captured my imagination, allowing me to change from the rural to an urban landscape. I felt although I was in the 'here and now' that I was also in 'the there and then'. The pattern of the mosaics, the colour and textures of the ancient buildings, the art and imagery found in the churches all conveyed a sense of perpetuity.

I constantly draw, paint, photograph and collage in order to collect enough reference material to create a body of work. I begin by creating a background in mixed media, since a plain white surface inhibits my creativity. It is important for me to create a surface which reflects the atmosphere and the mood of a particular location right at the start.

I love to use traditional techniques in a contemporary way, recently, traditional couching in gold thread on painted paper alongside reverse appliqué. I use a variety of hand dyed fabrics and threads. Throughout my career as a lecturer these techniques have developed more into mixed media while maintaining stitch as an important element.

I have exhibited regularly with the Textile Study Group, with 'edge' textile artists Scotland, the Embroiderers' Guild and my friend and colleague Alison King.

Since I gave up full time employment in education I am able to concentrate more on my own work, being an active member of a number of groups allows me to make the most of the opportunities to exchange ideas and information and to enjoy the challenges that this presents.


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