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Titles and content for my courses have usually been suggested by participants and have often evolved from specific invitations to work with groups. Most commonly these involve aspects of drawing / basic design (line, mark, tone, colour, etc.) and interpretations or developments using stitch and related surface work inspired by natural forms or other collections.

Some titles have been:

‘The Two-day Sketchbook’ – invented pages – lace and shells
‘The Two-day Sketchbook’ – pods, seeds and cones
‘Tales of the Unexpected’ – collections, objects and cloth
‘Line Dancing’ exploring basic design
‘Chasing Shadows’ – various starting points, presented in sketchbook format
‘Unpicking the Evidence’ – using the National Art Education Archive
‘Sketchbooks from Scratch’
‘Seeing Through Stitch’ -Stitch and Mark

I give both weekend and one-week courses.

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