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Talks and lectures

I give talks and lectures to specialist textile and Embroiderers’ Guild groups around the country – see the list of topics below. Please email me for details of fees and availability.

Identity and Intimacy

In this presentation I talk about my own journey in textiles, and my current investigation into the themes of identity and gender, deconstructivism and sustainability. I explain about my choice and use of raw materials (second-hand clothing, old table linen, vintage lace, previously worn underwear) and illustrate how I transform these into new artworks with changed identities. Examples of my current work and sketchbooks will be available to view alongside the talk.

Upcycled cloth: the journey of a garment

Upcycling old clothing to make new artworks or wearable pieces is not an original idea, but in the current economic climate, as we are all more aware of the sustainability issues within our environments, it is considered to be a more ethical way of working. Making new from old is exciting and many original artworks have been created this way. This illustrated presentation will take you on a journey of the transformation of garments, from eco fashion to seminal art installations.

Rip it up and start again

This talk focuses on the concept and idea of deconstructivism and its relevance and importance for textiles, embroidery and fashion. Through a stimulating illustrated talk, the importance of this process will be explained. You will see how I interpret and apply deconstructivism to my own working practice and question how you can apply it to yours. Practical examples of my deconstructed and reconstructed work will be shown alongside the talk.

Culture, Colour and Cloth

I am a keen traveller, picking up textiles and embroidery techniques along my walks and tours throughout the world. In this presentation, from the Banjara embroidery traditions of India to the folklore embedded in Inca weavings, I show that through colour and cloth there is a common thread that links us all. Items from my collections will be available to view, handle and even try on.

How to be Creative in Textile Art

Many embroiderers and textile artists are confident about their skills in stitch and construction techniques, but not so confident when it comes to creating a design from scratch or making a cohesive composition. Based on my first book (‘How to be Creative in Textile Art’), this informative talk will outline the process of finding inspiration, choosing themes, gathering source materials, developing designs, keeping sketchbooks, making samples and creating your own finished pieces. This creative process is important to follow if you want to turn your own ideas into successfully stitched textile art.

Contemporary Appliqué

This illustrated presentation is based on my second book (‘Contemporary Appliqué’) and investigates the historical and cultural aspects of the classic embroidery technique of appliqué. Through the exciting and colourful images, you will be encouraged to take a fresh look at how the method of applying one cloth to the surface of another is interpreted throughout the world today. Many samples and styles of contemporary appliqué will be shown, and the true scope and versatility of this technique – from Mola to Broderie Perse – will be explained. The talk offers a great opportunity for you to gain many ideas of how to push the boundaries and apply this style of surface embellishment to your own work.

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