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Not What it Seams – Further Thoughts

An exhibition by the PSG (now Textile Study Group) held at the Bankfield Museum, Halifax

June 18th – August 14th 2005


Not What it Seams – Further Thoughts was the exciting second and final exhibition of textiles by the PSG (now Textile Study Group) resulting from a two-year partnership with Bankfield Museum researching its outstanding collection of costume and clothing related accessories from Britain and around the world.

The Textile Study Group is a diverse group of nationally and internationally recognised textile artists and tutors. With their enthusiasm and expertise in working with fabric and thread and use of innovative approaches to the practice of art and design in relation to textiles, this exhibition gives an insight into their practice as artists, from inspiration source to finished contemporary textile.

Each artist worked with their own recognisable style and preferred techniques, and the chosen presentation of their processes from initial observation to displayed piece added another layer to the appeal of their art. Such individuality of approach gave a dynamic variety to the first exhibition Not What it Seams – First Thoughts which toured with the Knitting and Stitching Show in 2004. Along with drawings, sketchbooks and design works were experimental pieces and more developed work which showed the variety of approach and detail developed from different starting points, for example sailor suits, gloves, corsets, embroidered skirts, pleats, collars, Chinese dolls…

This second exhibition, Further Thoughts, showed new, larger scale and resolved final pieces alongside the earlier exhibits in the beautiful setting of the museum whose collection was the stimulus for the work.

The success of Not What it Seams was due to the professional commitment of all the artists and the accessibility and encouragement given by Bankfield – a highly productive partnership.

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