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In the very centre of Dartmoor, on the high moor itself, a village puts together a pantomime every year in a tiny village hall.

Out of the small scattered community of Postbridge emerge actors, a director, a young computer expert who plays the piano better than any professional, the panto’s dame who can imagine and make almost anything, however outlandish, as well as improvise better than the big shows, and a professional artist who provides something more than just a background scene.  They get together to provide a unique entertainment.  Each panto is put together from scratch.  New ideas, new costumes from old, new songs sought and fresh ideas for the scenery.  This is a team effort, and inspirational is the word to describe this group’s contribution to the community.

The comedy, the music, and the art work are the specialities.  All the jobs are important, and every contribution valuable to the end product.  These are no ordinary village productions – they are special  which come out of a very special place.

Ros Chilcot – the Artist

(Art Director, scenery, stage management – a small part – and chorus)

My own work revolves around this central area of Dartmoor – its mood, atmosphere, the varying (often very dramatic) light, and seasons, textures and shapes.

I experiment continually with materials and methods to get the effects I want with anything that comes to hand or will produce the right mark (tough cobblers thread punched into the paint produces a sharper line).

The artist in the theatre group sets the scene in colour, atmosphere and specific detail.  It is a wonderful opportunity for me to work really large scale with four 16-by-10 backdrops and twenty-four sides of flats.

The work for this exhibition has developed from the manner of the latter.  Painted boards, divided into groups of four set at intervals from front to back of the stage, facilitate exit and entry points and, set at angles, mask the off-stage areas from the audience.  For the performance they are only seen one set at a time for each scene-change.  In my work they can be viewed from both directions but considered as a whole.

work by Ros Chilcot in Creative Dialogues

This place can be magical, awesome and often "unreal".  The changes that occur can be dramatic, unexpected and magical.  A pantomime without the comedy.

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