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Shelley Rhodes

Summer School 2015: Inside Out, Upside Down

From One Place to Another

Mapping a journey, movement from one place to another or simply recording a walk will be the starting point for this workshop. Collecting objects found en route, you will be encouraged to find beauty in the discarded, the simple and the mundane things left behind. You will be working with a variety of media on paper and fabric. By working quickly or on the move your mark making will become more gestural and energetic. Elements from maps may be included such as the use of symbols, lettering, creases and folds, even bits of maps themselves.

You will be working with pre worn fabrics which may be used inside out or upside down. You will be considering methods of ‘repairing’ as well as layering, trapping, encasing and working from both sides.

As the week progresses you will assemble, cut, rearrange and move elements from one place to another to create a new whole.


Shelley Rhodes works in mixed media, loving the combination of papers and fabric with print making, drawing and stitch. She teaches workshops from her studio and at venues around the country, always encouraging her students to find their own individual way of working.

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