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Alison King

Summer School 2011: Landscape of Life

Meaningful Territory

"Colour is the most obvious and immediate visual stimulus – it can express the whole gamut of human emotions in quite a different way from words. If you can speak the language of colour, you can express so much more." Bernat Klein

The same is true of other visual elements such as line, tone, texture, scale, pattern and form. In this workshop we will be looking at ways of communicating feelings using these visual elements. With a series of exercises, involving a wide variety of media, we will investigate which visual signals can trigger specific responses. Experimenting with paper, card and wire we will raise surfaces, develop compositions and create structures that resonate with emotion.

Then you will explore your own personal interests, in the light of new found knowledge and, in a medium that suits you, produce a truly expressive textile piece.


Alison King trained as a painter but discovered a passion for textiles through years of teaching. She feels that encouragement is the key to creativity and that a happy, relaxed student learns more! Alison is a former member of the 62 Group and past Chairman of both the Textile Study Group and EDGE.

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