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‘Stitched Textiles, Flowers’ is my first book and is part of an exciting new series by Search Press

The book will take you on a creative journey from initial inspiration through to finished pieces, visiting design development and the materials and methods along the way. Evidence of the use of the flowers as a design source can be traced back throughout history, and this book I am hoping will appeal to all those of you interested in exploring flowers and their design possibilities for art and textiles.Techniques explored include dyeing, monoprinting, block printing, applique, foiling, photo-transfer printing, piecing and stitching. Five step-by-step projects build on the skills learnt in the preceding sections and include wall hangings, a pretty needlecase, a pincushion and a cushion cover. I hope that this book which is aimed at both the beginner and practising textile artists will inspire and encourage new ideas and experimentation.

ISBN 978-1-84448-731-8                Paperback     £15.99




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