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I am delighted to be able to offer places on three of our Textile Study Group Members course in 2019. If you have missed attending a Summer School, with either Kay, Jean or Alice now is your chance to join them in beautiful South Shropshire. Kay Greenlees and Jean Draper will be offering a three day course and Alice Fox a two day course. I hope you can make one of them.

KAY GREENLEES   3/4/5 May 2019

Inspired by Lace     £195 for 3 days

Working from beautiful historical lace examples (yours or mine), we will explore some of the key visual ideas associated with lace and use simple methods to record these as the starting point for our small-scale workbook. To allow us to concentrate on ideas such as marks and textures we will largely be working in black and white but incorporating some colour to provide interest. We will develop these ideas exploring a variety of paper types and weights, inventing as we go, but always within a structure that offers support as well as plenty of room for individual interpretation. Whether a beginner or an experienced worker there should be some challenges, a bit of fun, and plenty of scope for adapting the ideas for work with fabric and stitch. You will have a small-scale themed sketchbook.

JEAN DRAPER  10/11/12 May 2019

In Detail: Inspiration for stitching from sources hardly noticed.   £195 for 3 days

Many wonderful inspirational design opportunities exist around us if we take time to discover them. The aim of this workshop will be to begin with the study of examples of small details from natural objects, leading to the development of different personal ideas for work in stitched textiles. Structured experimental design exercises, investigating the scope offered by changes of scale, tone, texture and colour, together with demonstrations, will encourage students to choose ways to develop their ideas both 2 and 3 dimensionally. Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed on making notes and sampling in fabric and thread in order for work to continue later if wished

ALICE FOX   31 Aug/1 Sept 2019

Collecting Colours  £130 for 2 days

Explore techniques for capturing natural colours on cloth and paper, bringing colour, mark and hand stitch together. Using gathered materials and plant matter we will make our own inks and experimental mark-making tools, as well as eco-printing on paper and cloth. We will bring these organic marks together with hand stitch in simple but unique hand made book structures.


In addition to Textile Study Group members I also have an exciting mix of well established tutors, in fact the best of the bunch, coming to Moor Hall Studio to teach in 2019, so maybe one of these courses takes your fancy.

MATTHEW HARRIS   31 May/1/2 June 2019

Chain Reaction – one thing leads to another.    £350 for 3 days

A project exploring the idea of continuity and change through drawing, collage and stitch. Working from a collection of personal objects we will be looking at ways in which abstracted visual imagery might convey, explore and develop the idea of personal language, narrative and history through the interaction of making, materials and process. For this project you will need the following: A collection of personal objects collected by you. They can be anything that you have acquired, inherited or collected. They don’t have to be exceptional objects, they can be ephemeral or throw away but they must be objects that excite you visually. You may or may not use everything but it is important for you to have a selection of materials that you can use should you need to. When selecting your materials it’s worth thinking about the colour palette of the objects that your planning to bring as these will be your starting point for colour.

JEAN LITTLEJOHN   18/19 June 2019

In and out of Focus   £130 for 2 days

On this course we will look at ways of combining stitch, bonded applique and the use of the embellishing machine to create multi layered images. There will be an emphasis on the ways in which the embellishing machine can be used to create a range of effects that work well when toning, linking, blending and ‘ghosting’ images. Sources of Inspiration: Jean will bring some reference that you can use but you may have a special place or building that you would like to explore   Bring any images, drawings, photographs etc. that show aspects of the place. As an example Jean is researching a place local to her with history and special memories and is combining these to inspire her work. She is using historical artefacts, architectural information and natural forms to create new pieces.

JAN BEANEY   17/18 September 2019

Celebrating Hand Stitch – Finding just the right stitch…………   £130 for 2 days

Hand stitching will be the emphasis on this course. Developing exciting surfaces by building up and layering stitches can be most rewarding. Finding the right stitches or stitches to interpret the image or surface selected is the challenge. Initially, we will work some experimental exercises and then progress to creating small, resolved, subtle and/or exquisite embroideries. Decaying surfaces, old walls, pavements, rust, mosses, lichen, grasses, flower centres, rocks, stones, minerals, tree bark could all provide inspiration. Extreme close up images can reveal unusual, fascinating imagery. Those who cannot cope without a sewing machine could select to work a grid/mesh/network of machine stitches on soluble film to support the hand stitches thus creating a unique lace. Sometimes having considered the planned action carefully machining into a hand-stitched surface can emphasis or highlight dimensional qualities.

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