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Landscape in Triplicate

As a textile artist, I work with many different techniques including embroidery. I think it is, perhaps, the combination of needlework, painting and collage, which makes my work distinctive. Since moving to Scotland, landscape has become a very important source of inspiration to me. In recent years the Cairngorm National Park in Aberdeenshire and the River Gairn, a tributary of the Dee, has inspired much of my work.

I often work on related panels or triptychs. In this lecture I will be talking about this personal approach to landscape and how I have come to interpret it not only two dimensionally but also in the round.

Work of The Textile Study Group

Founded in 1973, The Textile Study Group (formally the PSG) is a diverse group of nationally and internationally renowned artists and tutors. Over the last 32 years, TSG members have been in the vanguard of textile and embroidery education, often in association with the Embroiderers’ Guild. Maggie Grey in her article on “Twenty -five years of the PSG” in The World of Embroidery described the list of members as reading like a “Who’s Who” of the embroidery world. Individually, TSG members have published numerous books and magazine articles and exhibited their work at prestigious venues worldwide. Please see TSG website for more information.

Working in the Round / or Flying Dolls and Other Strange Things!

This lecture looks at the different themes that lend themselves to being interpreted in three dimensions. Themes that range from people and animals to food, fashion and landscape – as revealed by textile artists and talented students alike.
I also talk about my love of working in this way and my most recent experiments with embroidering in the round.

Good Design – The Nuts and Bolts

A basic introduction to the elements of good design (line, colour,tone ,composition etc and presentation.

Showing Off

The Pleasures and the Pitfalls of Mounting an Exhibition

Scottish textile artists Rosemary Campbell and Alison King, having shown in group exhibitions over many years such as the EG’s Stitched Textiles, the TSG and EDGE, decided the time had come for a two woman show that would tour Scotland. In the build up, during and after the exhibition there were many exciting, rewarding and frustrating moments! They are now planning another. In this lecture I share our experiences and hopefully offer some useful advice to those of you contemplating such a venture.

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