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Book review of Natural Processes in Textile Art

Marks from the landscape: Article in The Quilter, Winter 2012

Tide Marks exhibition review


A Coastal perspective

Since graduating Alice has focused her artistic practice on engaging with landscape, particularly coastal. Alice will talk about her work, particularly focusing on her 2012 residency at Spurn National Nature Reserve, East Yorkshire. During the residency Alice developed particular ways of recording her experience of the landscape and using found objects from the beach for rust dyeing and mark making. During the project she made two large scale textile pieces for installation in the old lighthouse at Spurn as well as a series of smaller works.


Alice talks about how her work has developed since graduation in 2011. She outlines some of the projects she has undertaken and explains how she has developed different ways of using found objects in her work. Alice talks in detail about her body of work called Findings. This collection of 3-dimensional objects is Alice’s response to items and materials she finds whilst walking. The objects, both altered found items and constructed forms, incorporate hand stitch, weave, natural staining and gathered materials. Alice tells the story of how some of the individual pieces were conceived and constructed, explaining how they link back to the landscapes they were inspired by.


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The following publications are available directly from Alice’s website:

Natural Processes in Textile Art £22.50 (plus p+p)

Unknown Book £15 (plus p+p)

Findings £15 (plus p+p)

Leaf Stitching £15 (plus p+p)

Tide Marks £15 (plus p+p)

Gifts from the Pavement £10 (plus p+p)

Textures of Spurn £15 (plus p+p)



European Art Quilt VIII: touring various venues in Europe 2015 – 2016:

Meticulous Stitchers : Unit Twelve Gallery, Stafford : 4 June – 29 August 2015

Leaf Stitching : SDC Gallery, 24 Rivington Street, London : 5 – 10 October 2015

The Language of Objects : Unit Twelve Gallery, Stafford : 1 October – 19 December 2015


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