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Kay Greenlees

Artist statement

Issues relating to environmental destruction have recently inspired my current work. Working for the Dis/rupt exhibition caused me to take a different route into research. I selected 'chance' as a working method and used news items conveyed by the Radio 4 Today programme. Thus I had no idea how many issues would emerge during the working year and therefore how this would affect the content and size of the final work. The ecological issues I selected had to relate to the British Isles. It was scary and exciting. Working with the unknown proved to be a sometimes uncomfortable, but engaging challenge. Titled Library of Lost Causes there are currently twelve in the series and I may add more. It fits loosely into my wider focus on Cultural conflict and social boundaries.

I have several small historical collections, which often reflect my current interests, and I do most of my research through museum study and intensive reading of related historical topics. I often find my inspiration in manufactured objects, especially where their use marks out a social boundary, speaking of changed times and relationships. Sometimes I incorporate the objects into the work. I remain interested in issues and research associated with World War 1 and continue to develop my On the Edge series.

My teaching experience is varied and ranges from working with adult education embroidery groups, MA and BA textile design students to PGCE trainees and school pupils. I have exhibited nationally and internationally and am the author of Creating Sketchbooks. I currently work as a volunteer with the National Arts Education Archive, researching, cataloguing and advising on the textile aspects of the collections.


    • Location: West Yorkshire
    • Member since 2002
    • Available for courses, articles, book reviews

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