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Amarjeet Nandhra

Artist statement

I am an artist and lecturer based in West London. My practice explores the narrative of textiles and objects within a social, economic and cultural setting.

In past work I have examined objects within our daily environment, ones we often overlook and ignore. Highlighting these unremarkable objects, encouraging the viewer to share in the sense of the surprise and unexpected nature of the detail. My interests lay not only in an object’s physical characteristics, rather choosing to celebrate  their flaws and imperfections.

However a broader investigation has developed, looking at our relationship with certain objects and the repetitive nature of their use. This pathway has led to the excitement of re examining the colours, patterns and marks, associated with traditional Indian textiles and objects collected and used during my adult life.This engagement is not purely about the decorative qualities, but also examines the straddling of two cultures and the political discourse of past and present standing, within the wider host community.

Print, mixed media, text and stitch provide the foundation to express these ideas. The work develops through layering of marks, text, patterns and stitch. The ideas are formulated through drawing and samples whilst explorations have also resulted in wire drawings and small constructions.


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