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Individual and Collective

Last Group exhibition

Textile Study Group exhibition Individual and Collective at the Knitting & Stitching shows

Alexandra Palace, London, 6 – 9 October 2011
RDS, Dublin, 10 – 13 November 2011
Harrogate International Centre, 24 – 27 November 2011

An exhibition of new work, exploring individual ideas and inspirations.




This course is suitable for all levels of experience. It is an exploration of creative and decorative ways of linking, layering and connecting with a variety of different media, using the unusual and the unexpected. Working by hand, you can expect to create several small pieces, and to have ideas for further work. (1day)


Using fabrics, papers and mixed media, we will cut, shift, piece and stitch before further embellishing. The spontaneity adopted will appeal to those who are seeking a more free approach to work. The course will involve mainly machine stitching, but there will be scope for additional hand stitching. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. (1 or 2 days)


This is a thoroughly modern take on the strip worked Kente cloths of Ghana, working with lines, patches and handstitching. You can create fascinating and unique strips, with lines that are raised, ragged, fat, fine, fuzzy, lumpy, bumpy, beaded etc. You can join them to make a cloth, use them as borders and bands, or as special elements in other work. It can be brightly coloured muted, or neutral. It can be chunky, fine, delicate or a mixture of all – the choice is yours. Suitable for all levels of experience. (1 or 2 days – 2 days will include printing on cloth and paper)

The Little Fat Workbook Courses below, require 2 days minimum, and cover a range of art techniques. Each can be extended to make a longer course.


This workshop explores aspects of line in unusual ways. We will build exciting and stimulating little fat workbooks with surprise elements inside and ideas for further development. You can also begin some small stitched trials. The course is suitable for all levels of experience, and a sense of adventure is vital!


This workshop explores pattern in its broadest sense, opening up new ideas for unique designs. Together, using a variety of art techniques, we will build little fat workbooks with creative pages and unusual patterns that will excite and delight, and develop ideas for future work. You can also begin some stitched trials. It is suitable for all levels of experience


Working from observation, we will consider sharp, crisp lines and transparency. Working with acetates and other transparent media, we will create exciting overlays and multi-spaced layers. You can expect to build a little fat book, containing interesting art work, innovative stitched trials and ideas for further work.


This workshop explores soft and diffused line creating a variety of artworks from observation. Using a simple single needle felting process, we will translate artworks into textile trials, ranging from fine to chunky. You will also work with gummy silk fibres, and combine techniques to create further interesting stitched pieces. Your little book will be fat with work and ideas.



This lecture discusses the trials and tribulations of moving on in one’s own work, developing new pathways and seeking new horizons. It examines ways in which my work has developed and changed, and the thoughts and ideas that help it to happen. Such thought processes and approaches might spark new ideas in others looking for a change of direction.


This talk follows the creative journeys made through exchanging work with four designer-makers – a painter, two embroiderers and a land artist. We repeatedly swapped work, back and forth, each responding to one another by adding to the pieces. It shows the incremental developments and the resulting works, and also tracks the challenges and choices arising during this exciting project.


This talk considers qualities of line – sharp and crisp, soft and diffused, continuous and broken, raised and recessed etc. It looks at observational drawing and mark-making with other art techniques, in order to interpret a wide variety of lines. It then traces the path from the art work to the stitched trials and includes work and thoughts of other artists.


SURFACES FOR STITCH : Plastics, Films & Fabrics

Signed copies
£14.99 POST FREE

book cover

Excerpt from the Publisher’s blurb

Develop new and exciting surfaces for stitch – everything from polythene to plastic is combined with fabric and thread to produce innovative and inspiring pieces.

Step-by-step instructions guide the embroiderer through all techniques, including fusing and bonding, laminating and layering, and manipulating and moulding.

Lavishly illustrated throughout and with over 40 different surfaces and processes to choose from, this user-friendly sourcebook is brimming with ideas for the creative embroiderer.

DRAWN TO STITCH: Line, drawing and mark-making in textile art

Signed copies
£17.99 POST FREE

book cover

This book is aimed at those who recognise the need for drawing as a basis for creative work, but are perhaps reticent when it comes to actually drawing. It aims to engender confidence and a readiness to enjoy the drawing process, and to develop stitch trials.

An excerpt from the Publisher’s blurb:

“The book covers line and mark-making tools, materials and methods – including printing and mixed media techniques – and then moves into stitch, explaining how to interpret many different line qualities, including crisp and sharp, soft and diffused, raised and recessed.

Full of inspiring ideas, this book is also illustrated with stunning examples of stitched textile work from some of today’s finest practitioners, providing insight into their creative thought processes.”

How to purchase

To purchase any book or CD please send me your name and address along with a cheque to:

  Copthorne, The Undercliff, Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent. CT20 3AT.

 If you would like an inscription in a book, please send me details of what you would like written.


Elements of Change

cd cover

This was the title of an exhibition concerned with disintegration. The CD shows sixty eight images including design references, explanatory text, art works and finished stitched pieces plus detailed close-ups.


Surface and Structure

cd cover

This CD holds over a hundred printable images of surfaces and structures from the shoreline, and is concerned with disintegration. Many of them were used for the exhibition Elements of Change. It also contains guidelines on using the images for design reference.


Elements of Change costs £4.95 POST FREE
Surface and Structure costs £6.95 POST FREE
Both together costs £10.50 POST FREE

How to purchase

To purchase any book or CD please send me your name and address along with a cheque to:


Copthorne, The Undercliff, Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent. CT20 3AT.

1:4 and 4:1

Collaborative Art Exchanges

This exhibition shows works created by repeated exchanges between Gwen Hedley and four others – Janet Edmonds and Barbara Reast (embroiderers), Nicholette Goff (land artist) and Cheryl Papasian, a painter.

14th – 26th October 2011
Georges House Gallery,
8,The Old High Street, Folkestone, CT20 1RT

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